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24.08.2022: Strategic settlement in Pasewalk

Lagerhallen in Pasewalk

Official opening of our new warehouse and production facility

The festive opening event of our new warehouse and production facility in Pasewalk took place on the afternoon of 11 August 2022 in sunshine and in an exuberant mood, and was attended by numerous guests. More than 15 million euros were invested in the new location and the state government subsidised this with 3.9 million euros. Less than two years passed between the signing of the contract and its completion. From now on, storage and dispatch of goods as well as finishing of TOPREGAL heavy-duty shelving will take place on more than 20,000 square metres and in four halls. The choice of location brings with it important strategic advantages, as the storage and production facility is close to the Federal Motorway 20. 40 percent of the deliveries go to other European countries, which means that the transport route to countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Poland can be shortened. "On top of that, we are not too far from the port cities and use them for our shipping via the sea routes," reports Jürgen Effner, Managing Director of TOPREGAL GmbH.

New standards in energy efficiency

TOPREGAL had the 5,000 square metre roof area of the first warehouse equipped with a photovoltaic system. 1,680 solar modules convert sunlight into electrical energy and thus generate enough electricity for the halls' daily needs. On a sunny day, the systems produce 3,000 kilowatt hours - in comparison: a family of four usually consumes an average of 4,500 kilowatt hours a year. "We are heading towards the goal of equipping all trucks with economical and modern combustion engines and using e-cars," reports Effner, adding: "All vehicles are to be supplied with our own electricity in the future." Furthermore, TOPREGAL uses electric instead of combustion engines as drive for its motor-driven industrial trucks. A special feature of the energy system: a battery with a capacity of 200 kilowatt hours stores surplus energy and software controls the charging processes. "If there is ever not enough energy available, selected processes stop to prevent external electricity from being used. Only when enough capacity is available again does the software restart all processes accordingly," explains Effner. However, it is more likely that there will be a surplus of energy that TOPREGAL will feed into the regional energy grid. In addition, the company provides extra areas for long-distance truck and haulage drivers to rest. By the end of the year, 30 employees are to be hired, and 100 in the long term.

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Rede von Geschäftsführer Jürgen Effner
Gruppenbild in der Lagerhalle

12.07.2022: Stock kick by click

In just a few steps to a fully equipped warehouse

Optimize, adapt or expand your own warehouse with just a few clicks from your PC? Sounds simple - and it is. "Whether heavy-duty shelving, lifting and transport equipment or office furniture - companies benefit from a clear and diverse online store where the right equipment is available for warehouses and companies of any size and industry," explains Jürgen Effner, Managing Director of TOPREGAL GmbH, and continues: "With our intelligent and simple planning solutions, companies put together their warehouse quite simply on the computer." How it works and what the advantage for companies is, reveals the expert for warehouse equipment.

Exact fit thanks to online configurator

When setting up a new facility, expansion or relocation, precise planning of the storage space is required. Particularly with regard to the type, size and load capacity of the shelves, the most precise preparation possible applies so that the corresponding tools and goods are stored safely, but also in a space-saving manner. "In the meantime, numerous possible combinations of properties exist for the various shelves. In order to provide a clear overview of the many variations, we have therefore developed easy-to-use configurators and filters with which a huge selection of possible combinations for the various types of shelving can be put together in our online store," explains Jürgen Effner. For example, in the case of pallet racks, interested parties can specify aspects such as the number, width, depth and height of the racks, the number of levels of the crossbars and the material of the rack support, and determine whether the design should be single or double-sided. "At the push of a button, our intelligent configurator shows what the maximum load will be for a given shelf depth. It also calculates the possible number of Euro pallets and displays all details and technical data in the associated planning sketch," Effner continues. Once planning is complete, the individually planned shelving system can be saved thanks to the practical sharing function and sent as a link.

Short delivery times for Germany and all of Europe

To ensure that companies receive their ordered shelving, components and equipment as quickly as possible, TOPREGAL relies on a well-planned distribution of locations and efficient logistics. "In addition to our main site in Filderstadt and a large warehouse in Wesel in NRW, we also stock our products in Newport, Gwent in the United Kingdom," explains Effner. In August 2022, the company will start operating another facility in Pasewalk, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In the future, this will cover fast delivery to northern and eastern Germany as well as to northern and eastern Europe. "Our greatest concern is to provide our customers with their goods in the shortest possible time. Our strategic distribution and efficient planning processes enable us to hand over purchases to carriers within 24 hours. As a result - and by using our own fleet of trucks including drivers - we realize delivery to the customer within one to three days," Effner is pleased to say.

Green Industry processes for greater sustainability

Due to the different locations, the warehouse experts can not only shorten their delivery times, but also the delivery routes massively and thus reduce CO2 emissions. The online purchase of goods eliminates travel distances for customers, although self-collection from the warehouse is also possible. "We deliberately act according to the principle 'Green Mindset - Green Production'. Our sustainability measures include, among other things, only making arrangements with customers, dealers or contractual partners by telephone or video call in order to minimize emissions. In this way, we were already working completely remotely before the pandemic - a cost saving that also benefits our customers," explains Effner and adds: "In our warehouses, we only use electrically powered forklifts, low-floor vehicles and cleaning machines. This protects the environment and at the same time protects our employees." TOPREGAL also offers this benefit to its customers: a large proportion of the vehicles and equipment it sells are also electrically or manually operated - the company does not sell products with combustion engines. Sustainability is a particular focus at the new location in Pasewalk, for example in the vehicle fleet. "Here, the purely electrically operated industrial trucks are powered by solar electricity. This happens during the lunch break or overnight, for example. A solar power buffer storage system and a software control system developed individually for the company ensure that the site is powered at all times by solar power generated in-house. For this purpose, the new building is equipped with an intelligent photovoltaic system," Jürgen Effner concludes.

30.06.2022: In the middle of every game

TOPREGAL extends partnership and is now the new club partner of VfB Stuttgart

Right in the middle instead of just being there. TOPREGAL GmbH will be the official club partner of German first division team VfB Stuttgart in the coming 2022/2023 season. The Filderstadt-based specialist shelving retailer and supplier of business and storage technology will be represented at all 17 home matches with LED perimeter advertising directly on the edge of the pitch as well as at other advertising touchpoints in the stadium and on the VfB website. Last season, TOPREGAL already joined in the excitement with the traditional Swabian club as a business partner. "Our partnership last season showed that VfB Stuttgart is the right partner for us. We were very often asked about our perimeter advertising by our regional customers," says company founder and managing director Jürgen Effner happily, revealing, "It's also a great feeling for us and our employees, many of whom are soccer fans, to be on site at every game as a visible team supporter, so to speak."


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