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Here you will find our future top sellers. No matter whether cleaning equipment, operating technology or any other division, if you are interested in what is in planning with us, you will find it here. All articles will of course be available later in the usual TOPREGAL quality and at the usual conditions. If you are interested in advance, you are welcome to ask for further information about the products.

Manual industrial lift ML400/3, max. load 400 kg, 3500 mm stroke, SolidHub

Assembly work often takes place at heights that cannot be easily managed without a ladder, and certainly not without a lift. Our ML400/3 industrial lift has a lifting height of 3.5 m with an extraordinary load capacity of up to 400 kg. You can comfortably stand on a ladder and attach everything you need, while the ML400/3 holds heavy loads safely in position for you.

By means of a manual and smooth-running winch, the lift can be moved to the desired height and allows you to work comfortably. With an unfolded width of 1.8 m, the lateral outriggers provide plenty of stability. The length of the lift amounts to 2.1 m with a maximum height of 3.5 m. A big advantage are the dimensions when folded of 2.05 x 0.72 x 0.77 m. This means that the ML400/3 fits through any space. It can therefore be easily transported to any operating site in the transporter. The tare weight of 145 kg can be moved safely by one person, thanks to the 4 rollers. Unfold the assembly lift lengthwise and sideways, insert the load fork and start your work. With our all-round talent ML400/3 this is pleasantly fast and convenient.

Price: 16.719,24 kr
Expected availability from: January 2023 Need more information?
Welding fume extractor AS25, TecMaschin

The AS25 mobile welding fume extractor offers a practical and efficient solution for removing fumes during welding work. The AS25 is ergonomic, stable and practical to use. It is supplied with a 2000 mm long rotating and swiveling extraction arm, which can be flexibly moved through 360° and used where particularly large amounts of welding fumes are generated. The housing is made of powder-coated steel, with compact dimensions of 550 x 550 x 1060 mm. The base's own weight of 51 kg can be easily lifted by two people and carried to the desired location, or conveniently rolled from place to place. The fan capacity is 1500 m³/h and the noise level is 65 dB. In the AS25, the welding smoke flows through the protective net of the self-supporting suction arm, sparks and other larger particles are to be intercepted in this step. The smoke is cleaned in the next step by a filter cartridge with 99.9% separation efficiency and a filter area of 8 m² with activated carbon filters and released into the room as clean air. A simple and safe way to perform welding work safely.

Price: 9.879,24 kr
Expected availability from: January 2023 Need more information?
Warning sign "CAUTION - WET FLOOR"

CAUTION ... to ensure that no one slips on freshly cleaned floors due to wetness or dampness, for safety reasons, put up stands with the notice "CAUTION - WET FLOOR". This clear warning ensures that no one gets hurt. In the signal color yellow and with a height of 61 cm, the warning sign is highly visible. It is very easy to fold, space-saving and conveniently transportable on a cleaning cart.

Price: 151,24 kr
Expected availability from: February 2023 Need more information?
Floor stop parking bollard

Unclear loading and unloading zones are treacherous, in these moments you ideally need a parking aid for maneuvering. To prevent damage to buildings and vehicles, our floor stop parking bollard offers an ideal and simple solution to this problem. The right and left beams are mounted with eight bolt anchors each, which are included. Made of galvanized steel, the drive-in aid is particularly weather-resistant and durable. The special feature of the beams, lies in their angled head parts. This provides a larger drive-up area when approaching and maneuvering the vehicle, and helps to get the goods to the destination. The beams are 2.9 m long, 24 cm high, have a diameter of 15.9 cm and a material thickness of 4 mm. With our floor stop parking bollard you are definitely on the safe side.

Price: 6.839,24 kr
Expected availability from: February 2023 Need more information?
Electric order picker KSE3000

Do you have a shelf warehouse and want to pick goods quickly and easily? Then the KSE3000 electric order picker is just what you need. With a lifting speed of 140 mm/s, the compact lifting device lifts the operator and the platform to a standing height of up to 3000 mm. Here, the goods can then be conveniently placed on the 500 x 700 mm storage platform, which can easily withstand a load of up to 90 kg. The platform can then be lowered and moved at a speed of 4.5 km/h. Alternatively, it is also possible to drive to the next shelf with the platform raised and at a reduced speed of 1.2 km/h. The powerful 24 V power supply is used for this purpose. Here, the powerful 24 V / 105 Ah battery supplies the electric motors with energy. This ensures a long running time of 4 h in continuous operation. Once the battery is completely discharged, it takes 8 hours to recharge the electric order picker. The compact dimensions of 750 x 1500 x 1590 when lowered and the short wheelbase of 1145 mm ensure a small turning radius of 1300 mm and enable maneuvering in tight spaces and between rows of racks.

Price: 91.199,24 kr
Expected availability from: February 2023 Need more information?
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