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Tire rack

Tyre racks like rim racks, are an efficient way of storing car rims or tyres in a space-saving and gentle manner. The depth of the shelves is adjusted to the smaller dimensions for rims or tyres. The special construction of the stepped crossbar in TOPREGAL® tyre or rim racks provides a gentle support for the tyres and maximum stability.

The Tyre racks from TOPREGAL® are available in heights from 200cm up to 400cm. From a height of 300cm upwards, an additional wall mounting with the available spacers is recommended to increase the stability. A further space advantage results from the parallel positioning of two rim or tyre racks. TOPREGAL® also has the right spacers for this in its range. As with the other shelves from TOPREGAL®, the tyre shelf, like the rim shelf, also includes the installation material required for installation "all inclusive".

At a glance: Tyre racks from TOPREGAL® 

  • available heights 200cm-400cm
  • shelf depths 40cm, 50cm, 60cm for tyre sizes with a diameter of 40cm to 70cm; other depths possible
  • Gentle storage of the tyres on the TOPREGAL® step traverse
  • shock-resistant powder-coated paint in RAL 2004 pure orange and RAL 5005 signal blue
  • Optimum use of space possible due to parallel positioning
  • Field lengths 110cm (around 6 tyres) and 220cm (around 12 tyres)
  • Simple plug-in construction, can be extended as required
  • Subsequent insertion of crossbars in 50 mm increments possible
  • shelf load 400kg and field load 2000kg
  • Optional: Mobile version with one bay
  • Assembly material (bolt anchor M16x120mm, locking pins, nuts etc.) "all inclusive
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