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Pallet spaces

The capacity of warehouses and High-bay warehouses is often given in pallet spaces. A pallet location corresponds to the storage area of a Euro pallet (actually Europool pallet) of 1200cm length and 800 width. At Pallet rack from TOPREGAL® the available widths of 180cm, 270cm and 360cm have two, three and four pallet spaces.

A further unit of measurement for the required loading area or loading space in the forwarding, transport and storage industry is the so-called loading meter. The basis of the calculation is usually a closed lorry (truck). For this purpose, the length and width of the load (in particular on the basis of a Euro pallet with the given width of the truck loading area of usually 2.40m) are pre-calculated in order to apply them to the variable length of the existing loading area if required. A loading meter thus refers to one meter of the loading space of a truck or other transport container (such as a container) in length.

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