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Industrial trucks

Industrial trucks are used to transport goods within a company. They are designed for transporting, pulling or pushing, running on wheels and freely steerable [BGV D27, former VBG36 as of 2002]. Lift truck, tow tractors or also stacker are among the conveying vehicles that are freely movable and not track-guided. Another conveying option is the use of driverless transport vehicles that are automatically controlled. 

According to DGUV regulation 68 §2 (paragraph 2) industrial trucks with lifting devices are additionally intended for lifting, stacking or storing loads. For health reasons, petrol or diesel powered vehicles should not be used in enclosed spaces, but should be used at workplaces outdoors or ventilated. 

Before operating a motorised industrial truck, the driver must be informed of its proper use and must show that he is in possession of a forklift licence. If the use of e.g. a forklift truck affects road traffic, the regulations of the Road Traffic Act must be observed. 

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