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BGR 234 and DGUV 108-007

TOPREGAL® only offers new, tested shelves and products that meet the highest quality and safety standards. These include the "Guidelines for safe working" of DIN EN 15635 as well as DGUV 108-007 for "Storage facilities and equipment" (formerly BGR 234). To this end, TOPREGAL® voluntarily has its products tested once a year for load, stiffness and stability. The load plates included in the scope of delivery of each racking type indicate the maximum compartment and field loads.

Tested quality and safety

The current set of rules for the operation and testing of racking is DIN EN 15635 "Steel fixed racking systems - Application and maintenance of storage equipment". DIN EN 15620 "Steel fixed racking systems - Adjustable pallet racking - Limiting deviations, deformations and clearances" and DIN EN 15629 "Steel fixed racking systems - Specification of storage equipment" provide assistance in the planning and procurement of racking systems.

The inspection of shelving is an essential part of DIN EN 15635, which insists that storage facilities are only designed for careful use. No additional forces must be applied when setting down or picking up the loads. The great responsibility of the operator to keep the racks in a proper condition is emphasized as well as the fact that the racks must be checked regularly for safety and especially for possible damage. All racks must be inspected systematically and regularly, usually from the rack installation area, although it is in the lower part of the racks that most damage is likely to occur. If there is reason to believe that damage is also to be found in higher areas, more intensive inspection must be carried out in accordance with DIN EN 15635.

Shelf inspections from TOPREGAL® professionals

In addition to consulting, delivery and assembly of racks, TOPREGAL® supports the customers with the regular rack inspections. Some of the TOPREGAL® employees have qualified as shelf inspectors for this purpose. Further information about the Shelf inspections by the experienced storage professionals of TOPREGAL® are available here.

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