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Assembly instruction heavy duty shelf

How do you assemble heavy-duty shelving correctly?

Assuming prior planning and suitable measurement of the location, the rack uprights are first fitted with the cross braces and set up vertically. Then the cross beams are hooked in and secured with safety pins. Then the base plate is anchored to the floor and, optionally, shelves are locked to the crossbars with Z-sheets.

Assembly instructions provide answers

With the assembly instructions and operating instructions, we create the basis for proper assembly and safe operation. This applies to the Storage racks as well as for the Pallet racks or the Cantilever racks. The individual assembly steps are described clearly. The assembly and operating instructions are presented as text or visually supported with pictures.

By the way: At the request of the customer builds the TOPREGAL assembly team the shelves can also be installed directly at the customer's site.

Here you will find our assembly instructions for our various heavy-duty shelving units listed or, if you have not found what you are looking for here, also on the respective category pages in the online shop:

Assembly instructions for self-assembly

On the respective category pages you will always find the assembly instructions for your shelf type. All instructions are listed below. The PDF opens in a new tab in the browser:

Storage rack assembly instructions (German, English, French
)Assembly instructions also to be used for tyre rack, inclined shelf rack and multifunctional rack

Workbench MFW1000 Assembly Instructions (German, English, French)

Pallet racking

PR4500 Assembly instructions (German, English, French)

PR9000 Assembly instructions (German, English, French)

PR1500 Assembly instructions (German, English, French)

Cantilever racking systems

KR2500 Assembly instructions

KR3000 Assembly instructions (German, English, French)

KR6000 Assembly instructions

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